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'Overall, dark and strange atmospheres dominate; however, the music is also very uplifting created by a compassionate and open-minded musician with a strong vision.'  DM, Vital Weekly

'Skilfully extends the concept with extended techniques. microtonal, sonically avant garde anti-diatonic traditions, overdubbing and a meditative use of space. - Selwyn Harris, JAZZWISE

'...soundblocks building walls of dissonance. The acoustics and electronics would not be out of place in a Samuel Beckett radio play passing up on a need for visuals.'  Steve Day

'Darkly and weirdly beautiful and strangely compelling. It’s a densely atmospheric record, the darkness and melancholy of much of the music reflecting the strange times in which it was created.'  Ian Mann, Jazzman

'...many of the pieces have a stately, elegiac quality to them with long drones accompanied by hushed scrapings of bow and rumbling of electronics.  In places this can be deliberately unsettling...This is a richly rewarding set and one that repays repeated listening'  Chris Baber

An amazing record showcasing not just top-flight 'traditional' free solo improv but also pieces that feel like some modern compositional sound worlds, like droney Glenn Branca, or edgy A. Part minimalism. Extremely high level playing and engineering throughout! Giles

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